Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Unique Time’ Designs, we are an all-occasion custom designed and sewn gift shop. We help YOU make the perfect gift for your big events. Whether it’s the birth of a baby or your birthday we are here to help! Our custom orders are getting more diverse!

To help speed up the custom order process we have answered some of the most commonly asked questions. If we can assist you further please don’t hesitate to ask!


Q: I found an item online. Can I ship it to you for customization?

A: Generally, yes, message me first so we can see if it would be suitable for embroidery. My charge will include the embroidery and whatever shipping costs to get it back to you 😊

Q: Do you offer wholesale or multiple item discounts?

A: We currently only offer wholesale pricing on our children’s book: Critter Tails You Are Valuable. We do offer multiple item discounts on our towels (see wedding set listing) or custom party favor items. Previous examples have included: appliqued art aprons for a kid’s party, towel orders of 15+ and our baby bedding sets. We do our best to work with in your budget if we can’t help, we will do everything to refer you to someone who can. 😊

Q: Do you ship to other places aside from the United States?

A: We are looking into it for 2021. If you are outside of the US and interested in one of our items message us for shipping quotes.


Q: How much would you charge me to make….?

A: I charge $15-25 an hour depending on the complexity of the item needing to be sewn. $10-15 for the embroidery item based on fonts/designs I have on hand (this does not include special fonts, characters or designs, colored embroidery thread or metallic embroidery thread). This cost does cover the wear on my embroidery machine, any special needles to stitch out the design, stabilizer, white thread, and time to clean up your design once it is stitched out.

Q: I need my dress, curtains, pants taken in… can you do that?

A: Although we have helped and absolutely appreciate the confidence in our sewing abilities tailoring is not our specialty. We will gladly help you find someone capable of helping though. 😊

Q: How do you price your baby bedding, girls dresses etc. I can find things cheaper on Etsy/ Amazon will you price match?

A: A few things go into our pricing scale. We are a custom design and make shop. Our customers pay for our creativity and quality. That means we make ONE and that’s it. Our goal is to make something for you – that no one else in the world has. With that comes the cost. We are continually looking at ways to lower pricing, but cannot always do that. Shops with cheaper clothing items often buy fabric in bulk then mass-produce the items or outsource their clothing items overseas. Everything we make is made by me in my home or outsourced to one of my seamstress friends within the United States depending on how busy I get with orders. Your dress will always be different whether in a pattern or in fabric with a similar design. My goal is to design and make something of quality specific to your interest, keeping every part of the process within the United States. I try to avoid big-box fabric stores and purchase at local quilt shops or online through custom designers. Fabric can range from $12-30 a yard depending on the design. If an item requires 3-5 yards of fabric the costs begin to add up quickly. I want my customers to feel unique. That is the basis for everything we do. I could offer multiple of the same item, but that would take away from our business motto. I have sewn items for my customers with fabric from stores like Joann’s and Hobby Lobby, but try to buy from other vendors. That being said I cannot price match. I will do my very best to help you find the perfect fabric and stay within your budget. I understand my business is not a fit for everyone, if I can’t make it work, I’ll do my best to refer you to someone who can.

Q: Can you give me examples of things you have designed and sewn before?

A: Are you ready for this list! I have made quilts and blankets, pillows, legacy/ memory quilts (perfect for preserving your baby/toddler clothing or the memory of someone passed on) travel pillows, clothing, aprons, wall hangings, reading pillows, ornaments, baby bedding/necessities: crib sheets, crib skirts, teething rail guards, curtains, baby changing pads, diaper caddies, bibs, burp clothes, fabric letters (educational toy) teething toys and teething blankets, party bunting, party favors (past examples: sewn doctor kits, unicorn stick heads) fabric crowns, kids travel games, art bags, fabric princess wands, fabric party hats, party bunting for baby showers or wedding, party fabric pennants (used for high chairs-embroidered with your request) canvas bags (for nurses, dance and reusable grocery- designed and made start to finish) pajama pants, baby rompers, smash cake outfits, princess tutus, skirts, bow ties, headbands, hair accessories, dresses sizes 2t-8, dress up items (superhero cape, mask and wrist cuffs) costumes, patches, hooded towels, fabric greeting cards, bookmarks, fabric organizing bins, embroidered sayings for picture frames, stuff for pets off the top of my head 😉 See examples here!

Q: Do you work with organic materials?

A: I have contacts with different fabric companies that provide organic fabrics. If you are interested in a more sustainable item please message me for pricing.

Q: What’s your turn around time for custom orders?

A: Each order depends on the complexity of what you want done. Simple embroidery items take 1-2 weeks, larger custom designed and sewn orders take 4-6 weeks.

Q: I don’t see character options in your shop (Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel) do you offer those?

A: No. Licensed characters, even down to fabric requires copyright permission. We legally cannot sell anything without a permit from the vendor. We would caution you about purchasing items from Etsy or Amazon Handmade that also sell sewn/embroidered items. It is important to make sure they are operating legally.

Q: Do you accept Sezzle, Paypal or Venmo?

A: We are currently working on accepting Sezzle. We hope to have our new website up and running soon to provide this service to our customers. In the meantime, Etsy is now offering a similar option for customers wanting to break their payments up. In addition to Etsy checkout, we accept Paypal and Venmo and will gladly invoice you through either!


Q: I have an idea for a design/ want my company logo embroidered on something can you do that? What does it cost?

A: Yes! I work with a digitizer (someone who converts images to files embroidery machines can read) She charges me and I pass that charge in addition to whatever materials I use onto you! The digitizing fee starts at $10+ See examples here.

Q: What type of stabilizer (backing that holds in the thread) and thread do you use?

A: We use a water-soluble stabilizer (disappears in water!) and thread from companies like Guttermann, New Brothread and Sulky. We may a little bit more and always DOUBLE stitch so your embroidery not only looks 3D but often out lasts the item itself!

Q: How big of lettering can you embroider?

A: We have 3 hoop sizes currently. Our largest hoop size can accommodate images up to four inches tall by 6 inches.

Q: Do you offer applique (satin stitch around fabric designs or lettering)?

A: We do! We have different designs and lettering. Pricing starts at $10-15 per item. See examples here.

Q: Do you have monograms?

A: Yes! We offer single, triple or complex monogramming. Pricing starts at $10+ See examples here.

Q: Why is embroidery more expensive than vinyl?

Vinyl is a plastic that is heat transferred. Depending on the thickness and quality of vinyl it can begin to lift after time. People often feel they are getting a better deal buying something with vinyl only to be disappointed a few washes in to see the lettering peeling or partially lifting. Embroidery is different. A typical embroider will go over their work once. This is sufficient and will outlast vinyl, but can fray over time. How are we different? We double and triple stitch depending on the lettering! We want your embroidery to last. Quality is our biggest priority!

Q: I found a design I love and I’m making a blanket, baby bib etc. Can you embroider a square for me with this design? How much?

A: Yes! We love helping out fellow seamstresses! Pricing starts at $10-15 for fonts and images we already have. Any special designs + shipping costs you will cover. Our machines require the VIP or VP3 format for designs.

Q: Can you embroider a name on this….?

A: It varies on the item and materials. Here are the answers for some products and materials. If you don't see the item or material or item listed here, please feel free to email us!

Hat – No, I do not have the right hoop (but know people who do!)

Baby Onsie - No, you might look on Etsy or use Vinyl.

Towels - Yep! Check out our Etsy shop if you have one specifically in mind that we don’t carry message us first. Customers often ship items to us to be embroidered then cover the shipping 😊

Blankets/Quilts - Depends on the material but generally yes!


  • Cotton - yes
  • Canvas - Depending on the thickness
  • Denim - Depending on the thickness
  • Terry Cloth (Towel Material) - Depending on the thickness- thinner towels are hard on our machine.
  • Minky -Yes
  • Fleece - Yes
  • Flannel - Yes
  • Satin - No
  • Silk - No
  • Knit - No
  • Any other fabrics - just ask!