About Us


My name is Dannelle. I help YOU design the perfect handmade gift item. I specialize in designing and sewing one of a kind gift items! I NEVER make the same item twice, guaranteeing you have a unique item. I consider myself a creative engineer. I take my clients through every process from design to completion. I want you to feel as if you made the item yourself!

A little about me... 

I am a follower of Jesus, military wife and mom of three. I have a passion for encouraging and bringing others joy. Life is tough so why not make someone's day better? I love creating things that make other people smile. I believe we were all created on purpose for a purpose and often forget that. With depression and suicide on the rise it's no secret people are struggling to see their value. I am a clinical social worker and teacher by trade. When my husband's job began taking us all over the country I started brainstorming ways I could continue to help people in need. I have always loved crafts, especially sewing! So I decided to create my business. I design and sew custom items for people's big events. You are not a repeat so your gifts shouldn't be either. If you are going to spend money on an item, it should be made of quality materials and not mass produced. You have my word every item I make will NEVER be made again! It's my way of reminding YOU and your loved ones how special YOU really are :) Never forget YOU are valuable : )

I love to get to know the people I create for! Follow me on Instagram, LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook Page or email me at: uniquetimedesigns@gmail.com