Who Are We?

In 2013, I was doing clinical animal therapy on our family farm in Idaho. I was working with a young lady, by all accounts who literally had it all. Brains, the body, wealth you name it. Yet here she was struggling with thoughts of starvation because she was being bullied for her appearance. She was the perfect size! If you haven’t yet read my post, You Are Treasured, It occurred to me how much more critical the need for people to visit “Eli” had become. I remember thinking God this isn’t at all what you want. Why are we so hurtful to one another Lord? It seemed attacking people was getting worse.  Bullying and suicides began to sky rocket among kids and teens on the nightly news. It made me sick. Life should be fun as a child. Carefree. We soon found out we would begin moving all over the country for my husband’s job and I was expecting my miracle child! My days of helping people directly were going to be on halt. But, the need to encourage people was still there. There has to be a way to help Lord, I prayed. The idea for my first children’s book came. I wrote Critter Tails You Are Valuable. This story is based on true events about one of our pet roosters and his inner struggle with self-esteem. When my publisher came back a few months later telling me the book had already sold over ten thousand copies I was floored. God had begun stirring in my heart the vision for this business and ministry and the quick sells of this book only confirmed it. 

I wanted to encourage people the way he had encouraged me. If one simple children’s book could make an impact what about other gift items? I was drawn to creating. Writing, painting, crafts you name it. My brain was wired for design. 

We were now in Texas and I was seven months pregnant with my first daughter. I was on the treadmill when I received another confirmation via voicemail. A dear friend was in tears thanking me over a recent gift and telling me how much the gesture had meant. That I had a special gift for helping people hear from God and I better use it because the Lord speaks through me. I was speechless. You see I had been sending this lady, a coworker, handmade encouragement cards for over five years. I had NO idea where she stood with God but knew she needed a pick me up.  This was the first time EVER she had called me. She was not an emotional person. So this feedback again fueled that desire in my heart. 

Psalm 37:4 tells us Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.  Was it happening for me? I wanted to serve people, but wasn’t sure how. How am I going to keep helping people Lord? I’m about to be a mom. I was creating my daughters baby bedding when the feedback kept coming back. That’s darling are you making more! Then it hit me. Gifts Dannelle. Better yet custom items. Where no two are alike. Who doesn’t like to feel special? This one gesture has caused us to thrive. 

The Time’ in our name Unique Time’ Designs means rare, unique, or valuable like a diamond. It is our mission to help people feel more valuable. Do you know it takes ten compliments to undo one negative comment? Absolutely terrible. That is why we want to help. We want to encourage you with our words, pray for the needs of your heart and bless you and those you love with one-of-a-kind gifts items. We believe showering people on their BIRTHday and every Birthday after that is a BIG DEAL.  We never create the same item twice. You are unique your gift should be to. We want you to be reminded of the fact you are valuable every time you look at something we have made. You see our customers are not just customer we value YOU as a person. So if we can help let us know!  Thank you for getting to know us! We look forward to working with you 😊  

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