Most Days I’m Martha!

A few days ago we received news that rocked our family again. My husband’s brother had advanced stage four pancreatic cancer. Huh? You almost feel like someone has just side swiped you and the dust is still clearing. His mom passed last year from breast cancer. Really 2020 you are going to give us this now? I think if 2020 were a Bible character it would absolutely be Job at this point. Lets see how much they can endure and then throw on some more. Maybe like me you have literally been holding your breath at the beginning of each month just waiting to see what is coming at you next! It’s almost like Satan is scheming isn’t it. "How’s their faith in God? Oh, it’s still there? Let’s toss on some more!"

Most Days I'm Martha Picture of woman running

I title today’s pick me up, “Most Days I’m Martha,” because I absolutely am her! I often think her words come with a scolding finger. It’s almost as if Jesus was her little boy and she was scolding him for not picking up his toy trucks! “Now Jesus, if you would just tell Mary to get it together and help me we could be eating by now and I could stop and rest” (essentially- read Luke 10) In the next example we see Martha getting Jesus to help her brother Lazarus. This sprint of almost two miles had the same kind of desperation. “Lord! Why haven’t you shown up already, my brother is gone!” Two miles! That’s determination in flip flops. Okay, so they didn’t really have flip flops, but sandals none the less. It takes her two miles to reach the Lord yet that didn’t stop her tongue.

When is the last time you ran two miles? How winded were you? Maybe it was the adrenaline over the days events.  There is a bit of irony scolding the maker of heaven and earth. The very one who spoke her into existence doesn’t need her expertise. He knew the moment Lazareth took his last breath, and yet, he humored her. 

I feel like Jesus does that for me as well. The grand finale may not end with a cure of this disease for my brother-in-law, but what if it changes my heart? What if like everything else during this year of uncertainty it causes me to put my hopes and trust in the only ONE that doesn’t change?

Despite her sassy boldness at times, Martha knew who to go to with her frustrations. She didn’t share them with her neighbor, or best friend (to our knowledge) she went to the Lord. If 2020 has taught me anything this year it’s been to go to the Lord. Have you ever seen those Got Milk commercials? 2020 is like that on a billboard except it’s not milk it’s asking me it’s a reminder flashing Got Jesus? Have you been in prayer Dannelle? Get Jesus! 

Get Jesus dear reader. He is the only constant we can rely on in times of uncertainty. The temptation to turn to everything and everyone for a temporary fix will always be there, but Get Jesus. Go to the one who truly gets it all and is not swayed by continuing conflict. 

I think I appreciate the dynamic of Jesus and Martha’s relationship because I see compassion in His eyes when she’s scolding Him. He see’s her heart of worry. Why this to Lord? You could have stopped this. You could have saved my brother from dying and now it's too late.  

Maybe you are facing something similar today. An uncertainty you can’t quite fathom with everything else? I would encourage you to continue seeking comfort from the Lord. He always has a way of showing up at just the right time. 

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