Healing Words

I’m guessing you probably aren’t a doctor? Maybe your everyday job is no where close to this profession, yet you have the ability to bring healing unlike even the most skilled practioner. How so, you may ask? With your words!
Proverbs 12:18 18The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 16:24 24Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
If I could emphasis the word “healing” in both verses I would. I was reminded of this verse this morning as the events of yesterday came to my mind. Yesterday was our countries birthday. Like you, I was busy celebrating the days events. My husband worked overnight the night before so it was the kids and I for most of the day. I decided to take them to the annual parade nearby. The heat was already suffocating, but their joy for the upcoming activity made it worth it. With joy comes a bit of broken “listening” ears as we like to call it. So my patience was running thin. We arrived right on time, or so I thought. Turns out we were a good 45 minutes early. The sun was blazing by the time the parade began. The streets were crowded and excitement was high. The kids and I are getting more familiar with this area of New York, but there is still that new kid on the block emotion that creeps in. Thankfully we met the nicest family and battled a few ant hills during the parade. Two hours later we finished the festivities. We were all hot, grumpy and truly ready for naps! Me included! The kids and I walked back to our vehicle and then I remembered I needed to go grocery shopping! Ugh last thing in the world I wanted to tackle at that moment, but it needed to be done. The kids and I reached the store. I could tell they were fading fast as well. Are any of you mamas? How fast does your patience last when you’re tired?
My goal lately has been to be a kind mother. Someone the kids want to be around. Patient even when I’m spent. So we arrived at the bathroom. My three year old was beginning to dance a little indicating his limit had been reached if he didn’t go now we’d have a mess. There was a good long line from overflowing parade goers. I silently prayed. It was as if God Himself parted the waters or in this case the line because suddenly we were suddenly next! We quickly pottied just in time. As I was leaving out the door this woman stopped me. I truly do not remember her in that line. She quickly commented that she appreciated how kind I was to my children and I was truly doing a good job as a mom.
Ladies can I tell you in that moment I was truly fighting back a tear. Most days I feel like a single parent trying to manage the lives of my family with my husband’s ever increasing duties, my business, the kids schedules and life in general. I have been seeking the Lord so much in this area of parenting that it was literally like God Himself stopped me to remind me He saw. To bring a bit of healing to my bones at that moment. It was unexpected yet so welcome to my soul.
So I bring up the Proverbs verse for a few reasons. Our words have the power to heal ladies. Truly heal. They also have the power to destroy. It’s easy to give people a piece of our minds when we are upset. Goodness knows I had a few choice words going through my mind trying to keep the kids focused that morning. But, how much better is it to bite our tongues and show kindness? Maybe there is someone you know the Lord is prompting you to encourage. Maybe your coworker needs to know they are valued. A stranger on the street you need to validate? Family member you haven’t spoken to in a while? There are countless examples I could give you, but you have the best example already living in you to guide you! How is Jesus prompting you today? We never know what’s going on behind the scenes in someones world. How can you bring healing today?
***I encourage you girls to leave a comment about who has brought healing to you recently and who have you encouraged or are going to encourage in the future***

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