Even Peter

As our Easter festivities come to a close for today I want to leave you with a final word of encouragement the Lord reminded me of today. Our pastor took a different approach to the Easter message today. He focused on the relationship between Peter and Jesus those last hours prior to Jesus being on the cross. Many of us are all too familiar with the brutality of Jesus death, but sometimes overlook all the other details. One of the gut wrenching parts of Jesus’ story for me has been the sadness he must have felt over and over again prior to his death. You are probably familiar with the denial of Jesus done by Peter- one of Jesus’ closest friends. I think to some degree we all are guilty of denying Jesus. Maybe we aren’t as brave as we would have liked, as bold as we should have been. I know I’ve struggled I often think man alive what is wrong with me? This is the one thing I bet my life on yet at times I find my faith somewhat embarrassing. Maybe you have been there to.


The guards have ceased Jesus and he is now being questioned and mocked in the courtyard of the high priest. I can’t imagine it was that large of a place surely he could see who was around him. Lurking not too far behind him was Peter. Peter was known for being a little brash in his dedication. Always one to speak first and not hold back- yet the same man that chopped off the ear of a Roman soldier is now hiding in shame. His denial occurs and the Bible tells us through out the Gospels he is filled with anguish, bitterness and frustration. He weeps in sadness. Maybe Jesus and him locked eyes as the Rooster crowed. Again the courtyard wasn’t that large and Jesus was God in the flesh- He would have been aware of the betrayal then as well.


We don’t hear much about Peter until after the resurrection. When the women go to check on Jesus’ body an angel is waiting and informs them He is risen. He instructs them to tell the disciples AND Peter. Maybe the women had witnessed or heard of Peter’s denial. I’d assume I was no longer welcome to be one of Jesus’ friends after that evening, but not God. He wanted Peter to know as well.


What love! Despite everything the Lord had experienced He still had such love for his friend Peter. Peter would then go onto serve Jesus, proclaiming the Gospel to anyone that would hear it and eventually lose his life for the sake of Christianity.


Your life is just as important to Jesus. Those mistakes you make are forgiven. Jesus looks on you with love and compassion to. He is inclusive and wants you to know the resurrection wasn’t just an event in history it was THE event in history. No other god or religion has kept its word quite like Jesus did. He proclaimed to be God, fulfilled prophecy from hundreds of years prior and was resurrected! If that’s not worth staking your life on I’m not sure what is. Today as you remember His death, burial and resurrection remember He included Peter and He includes you too!

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