You Are Treasured

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and hid; and for joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.” Matthew 13:44

My husband loves to watch the Mysteries of Oak Island. It’s a television series about a pair of brothers that have poured their lives savings into purchasing and excavating an island rumored to contain buried treasure. Each season they find small pieces of potential treasure indicating that indeed there is something lurking below the surface. Then the season ends on a cliff hanger and you’re left pondering when they will get the loot! They worked their whole lives to buy a piece of property that may or may not be of value. Crazy! Or is it? 

Have you ever saved up for something in anticipation for the day you could purchase it? Recently, it’s been a larger home for our family. We knew by baby number two our ranch style home was going to be a bit snug. Yes, larger families have lived in smaller, but for us we were itching to expand. So, I began praying.

  • Get out of debt and pay off our first home. Check.
  • Save for the kid’s college. Check.
  • Save an emergency fund. Check.
  • Start saving for a new home. Check.

Now baby number three is on her way. I could feel myself going a bit stir crazy needing to nest, but having no room to nest in! We spoke hypothetically about our next home. Casually looked at larger farm properties in our home state of Idaho. Maybe we would build. Nothing was really concrete, but we knew it would happen in the next few years. Fast forward to a few months ago and we are suddenly getting uprooted to another state due to Covid. My two-year dream of having a larger home was about to be a reality!

There is an infectious joy that comes with purchasing something of great value isn’t there? Your first car or first home. It’s fun! Even more so when you’ve saved and waited patiently to purchase the item. It’s like crossing the finish line at the end of a long race! Finally! 

Jesus has experienced that too! My goal through these devotionals is to provide you with a pick me up and help you learn more about His character. There is such skewed knowledge floating around in the world about God that needs to stop. This particular verse in the Bible has always been a bit twisted. I too thought for years that it referenced me as a Christian giving up all I had in order to follow Christ. When it’s quite the opposite. In the previous parables Jesus’ always referred to Himself. You see YOU are the treasure He so anxiously sought after. He knew what potential you had. For some your just another person, but to God you are everything! 

Jesus’ often spoke of farming as it resonated with those around Him. They would understand the terms as they worked the ground. Having literally lived farming the past 15 years I to get the analogies. To an average person dirt is dirt right? But hide something valuable in that dirt or in our case in Idaho tell the whole world what a lovely state we have, and the price for dirt suddenly sky rockets! Just ask any of my friends trying to buy a home right now. It’s nuts! So imagine that. You at this very point in your life are like that piece of ground.

Jesus is literally joyful imaging you as His! Neat, huh? He saw you and gave everything just to have a chance to be with you. Sometimes we miss it right? Miss the reality of how deep His love is for us. I often think why in the world would God have chosen to die the gruesome death He did. I can’t stomach the movie scenes of the scourging and pounding of the nails. Not only would He be in complete anguish from the pain, but exhausted trying to breath, thirsty, hot, sad, you name it. And He chose that! I think Lord choose something fast. If you feel death is needed for humankind why didn’t you choose to come at a time where death was faster? Less painful. You could have died in your sleep. You could have fallen off a cliff. Okay that would be painful to. I know bad analogy. But, not such horrific anguish. That is what He chose. It tears me up just thinking about it because that is a love we cannot comprehend. There is a saying that says if you were the only one on earth, He would still choose to die that way just for you. Please don’t dismiss me when I say you are truly treasured. Because you are. It’s never to late to love God for the first time or love Him deeper. Praying you feel loved today! 

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